Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cuba2012 - What an adventure we had.....some great times and some heartache...

Cuba2012 - Penny (center) and my wonderful support team - with sincere gratitude I thank you.

I apologise for not updating my blog sooner, I’m sure you understand it’s been a busy time for me and I do almost all my admin work myself; Following my swim I was hospitalised for a day, then spent a few days and some quality time with my dedicated and wonderful crew.

On Friday Chris and I commenced our long journey back home to Australia, arriving late Sunday afternoon. Since then my time has been full replying to the many emails and media requests, I still have many, many more to do.
Everyone who supported my swim I THANK YOU, my husband Chris, my crew, Commodore Escrich of The Hemmingway International Yacht Club, my sponsors and the thousands of people who followed my swim via facebook, twitter and my swim tracker I sincerely thank you. In the coming weeks I will do my best to personally thank each of you. For now please accept this as a thank you to everyone for your love and support, whilst I didn’t reach my goal of swimming all the way to Florida your messages of support and of how I’ve inspired so many people mean the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Penny set to commence my swim from Cuba to Florida with Commodore Escrich and Dan Boyle
The message of my swim was of personal challenge and friendship.  In the coming weeks I hope to bring you a few blogs covering some of the experiences of myself, my team and our epic journey between Cuba and Florida.

Townsville Bulletin July 3rd 2012

The Daily News of Open Water Swimming

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With much appreciation, Penny

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